Year 2020 (54)

Edition nr. 6-7

Omega-3 fatty acids not better than placebo

Recent studies have concluded that omega-3 fatty acid supplementation offers no added value for the prevention of premature birth, the treatment of keratoconjunctivitis sicca (‘dry eye syndrome’) or the prevention of kidney damage in type 2 diabe ...

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Higher mortality risk with high B12 blood levels?

A Dutch study found a significantly higher mortality rate among patients with high plasma levels of vitamin B12 than among those with low plasma vitamin B12 levels. The levels found were mostly within the normal range. The researchers have no exp ...

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Is hydroxycarbamide effective in sickle cell disease?

Hydroxycarbamide is an oncolytic drug which is used to treat sickle cell disease. Research has shown that hydroxycarbamide reduces the frequency of the pain episodes inherent in severe forms of this disease by an average of 45%. Hydroxycarbamide ...

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Drugs for COVID-19

The media have reported extensively about drugs that might be effectively used for the treatment of patients with COVID-19. At present, however, no drugs are available in the Netherlands that have been authorised for COVID-19. Now that some more ...

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