Year 2018 (52)

Edition nr. 5

Exenatide and cardiovascular risks

  • In recent years, post-marketing studies of the new oral blood glucose lowering drugs haven been undertaken. These studies are important to ascertain the long-term cardiovascular efficacy and safety of these drugs, as so far only effects on surr ...

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NHG Guideline on ‘Arthritis’

  • The guideline on ‘Arthritis’ issued by the Dutch College of General Practitioners provides GPs with recommendations for the diagnostic workup and the non-drug and drug treatment  of various forms of arthritis. An update was published in 2017.
  • ...

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Final results of registration studies into idarucizumab

  • One disadvantage of direct oral anticoagulants (DOACs) is that their coagulant action cannot be corrected, whereas this is possible with vitamin-K antagonists. The arrival of idarucizumab has made a direct antidote available, although this only ...

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Meshes for small umbilical hernias

  • The study discussed here shows that the use of a mesh significantly reduces the risk of recurrence within two years of small (1–4 cm) umbilical hernias among adults relative to primary suture repair. If 13 patients are treated with mesh instead ...

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Conflicts of interest

  • New research has again confirmed that financial conflicts of interest involving the pharmaceutical industry among authors of drug research reports increases the likelihood of positive conclusions.
  • Voluntary reporting of conflicts of interest b ...

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