Year 2017 (51)

Edition nr. 12

Dutch College of General Practitioners’ Guideline on ‘Acne’

Just like the 1999 and 2014 evaluations, the present assessment has to conclude that ‘too few randomised double-blind studies into the efficacy of various therapies have been published and that the available studies have had limited sample size ...

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Finish the course of antibiotics or not?

There is currently a trend among some Dutch people to be critical about the use of antibiotics, and the oversimplified publicity surrounding the recent article in the British Medical Journal is bound to increase the confusion. It is likely that m ...

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Naloxegol to treat opioid-induced constipation

Naloxegol is a µ-opioid receptor antagonist which acts peripherally in the gastrointestinal tract, where it reduces the constipating effects of opioids. Research into opioid use for non-cancer-related pain found that the opioid-induced constip ...

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Dietary supplements with red yeast rice

The use of the word ‘natural’ in advertisements makes many patients think they are using a product without any health risks. However, red yeast rice contains the statin lovastatin, and may also contain other unhealthy compounds, such as citrini ...

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