Year 2017 (51)

Edition nr. 11

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IUDs with levonorgestrel

  • LNG-IUD 19.5 (Kyleena®) is a plastic intrauterine device that releases a smaller volume of levonorgestrel than the classic LNG-IUD 52 (Mirena®). When applied for contraception, both have a lifespan of 5 years.
  • The new IUD is also shorter, has ...

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Quality of ‘open access’ journals and articles

  • The authors of the study discussed here report that, in recent years, more and more articles are being published in open access journals without having gone through a thorough scientific publication process. This development is largely driven b ...

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Do proton pump inhibitors increase mortality risk? 

The conclusion of the observational study discussed here, into the mortality risk associated with long-term use of proton pump inhibitors, is not incontrovertible. The authors do not report absolute mortality rates, and these cannot be derived fr ...

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Lithium and pregnancy

  • Lithium is the medication of first choice for the treatment of bipolar disorder, and as such has been a very important and much used mood stabiliser for nearly 70 years, including persons of fertile age. Nevertheless, the available knowledge ab ...

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