Year 2015 (49)

Edition nr. 1

What did 2014 bring? New drugs, developments and side-effects

1. 1. Kooij SJJ, et al. European consensus statement on diagnosis and treatment of adult ADHD: The European Network Adult ADHD. BMC Psychiatry 2010; 10: 67.2. Pillen via de achterdeur [televisie-uitzending]. KRO Brandpunt, 19 oktober 2014. 3. St ...

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Looking back on New Drugs 2004 and revised drug ratings

Just as was reported in Gebu 2013; 47: 11-14 and Gebu 2014; 48: 10-14, reconsideration of the balance between efficacy and side-effects of drugs rated ten years ago shows that the 2004 assessment for most of them has to be downgraded. The drug ra ...

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