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An app as a medical device?

The use of apps as medical devices can be advantageous for both patients and care providers, on condition that these products are thoroughly investigated and conform to the requirements for medical devices. The study discussed in this Ge-Bu artic ...

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Ballerine® copper IUD

The ‘intrauterine ball’ Ballerine®, a intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD) made up of copper beads (copper surface area 300 mm2) has no proven added value over copper IUDs of first choice, such as T-shaped and horseshoe-shaped copper IUDs (wit ...

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Visible and invisible influence of the medical devices industry in hospitals

It is well-known that technicians employed by commercial companies are involved in the maintenance of working on medical devices in hospitals. Unclear, however, is what exactly they do, what their relation with care providers is and what their ri ...

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Health apps for natural contraception: old wine in new bottles

Apps such as NaturalCycles® are being used by many women around the world as a natural, non-medical method of contraception. These apps are medical devices, which in principle have to meet the same requirements of effectiveness and safety as drug ...

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