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New drug: rimegepant for migraine attacks

Two million people in the Netherlands regularly experience migraine. In addition to preventive medication, a large proportion of patients also use drugs for the acute treatment of a migraine attack. The cornerstone of this therapy are the triptan ...

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Negative influence of drugs on COVID-19

The new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) is raising many questions among care providers, including questions about the use of drugs that could have a negative influence on the clinical course of the COVID-19  disease. Drugs that have, in one way or anoth ...

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Medication-induced liver injury: not just by paracetamol

In view of the vital role played by the liver in drug metabolism, it is surprising how often this proceeds without any damage. Nevertheless it is clinically relevant for doctors and pharmacists to be aware of possible medication-induced liver inj ...

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Opioids for chronic pain: scarcely any added value

The unmistakable increase in the number of prescriptions for opioids (with their associated risks of addiction and adverse effects) should be a subject for debate. There is, or at least appears to be, a firm belief in their effectiveness. Unfortu ...

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NSAIDs for Children

Too little high-quality research has been done to provide a solid basis for guidelines for pain relief in children.  If a child needs drug treatment for pain due to acute otitis media, soft-tissue injury, fracture or surgical removal of adenoi ...

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