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New drug: lasmiditan for migraine attacks

Two new drugs for the acute treatment of migraine attacks were authorised in 2022. They concern the ‘calcitonin gene-related peptide’ (CGRP) antagonist rimegepant, which was previously discussed in Ge-Bu, and the 5HT1F agonist lasmiditan. New age ...

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New drug: rimegepant for migraine attacks

Two million people in the Netherlands regularly experience migraine. In addition to preventive medication, a large proportion of patients also use drugs for the acute treatment of a migraine attack. The cornerstone of this therapy are the triptan ...

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New drugs for migraine prophylaxis

The discovery of the role of ‘calcitonin gene-related peptide’ (CGRP) in the development of migraine enabled new drugs for the treatment of this condition to be developed. The monoclonal CGRP antagonists erenumab, fremanezumab and galcanezumab ha ...

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