Ge-Bu is independent of third parties such as the pharmaceutical industry, government departments, professional organisations and patient societies. Articles are only published after extensive consultation with a range of experts. With very few exceptions, the conclusions are based on published and therefore verifiable results of high-quality trials with appropriate control groups. If, despite this very careful procedure, someone considers that any part of an article is in error, they can report this error to the editorial office by letter or e-mail. The editor-in-chief  will then consult with the editorial team and board, the original author(s) and experts to consider the comment, and, if necessary, will publish a rectification statement. 

For other types of response, please see the page on ‘Letters’.  

Articles published on the Ge-Bu website will not be altered when new information becomes available, for instance in the form of new research findings. If such findings affect the place of a drug within the therapeutic repertory, the editorial team can in due time initiate a new article on the subject.