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Drugs for COVID-19: baricitinib

The end of the COVID pandemic is not yet in sight, despite the increased immunity among the public from vaccination or infections. Knowledge about the treatment of COVID-19 has grown, and dexameth ...

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New drug: daridorexant for insomnia

Daridorexant is a new sleep medication with a different mode of action than, for instance, benzodiazepine. Daridorexant is a so-called dual orexin receptor antagonist (DORA), which within the comp ...

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Naltrexon/bupropion for obesity

The slimming product Mysimba®, a combination of naltrexon and bupropion, was recently included in the Dutch drug reimbursement system (Geneesmiddelenvergoedingssysteem, GVS). The drug is fully rei ...

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