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IUDs with levonorgestrel

  • LNG-IUD 19.5 (Kyleena®) is a plastic intrauterine device that releases a smaller volume of levonorgestrel than the classic LNG-IUD 52 (Mirena®). When applied for contraception, both have a lifespan of 5 years.
  • The new IUD is also shorter, has a smaller width and smaller reservoir than the classic IUD, and has a narrower insertion tube. One of the arguments for introducing these changed dimensions was said to be a reduced incidence of insertion problems. However, not only has there been no research showing problems of insertion or expulsion of the LNG-IUD 52, but research into smaller IU ...

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Quality of ‘open access’ journals and articles

  • The authors of the study discussed here report that, in recent years, more and more articles are being published in open access journals without having gone through a thorough scientific publica ...

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